Big Boob Fantasy 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll

April 4th, 2015

big-boob-fantasy-3Big Boob Fantasy ($15)

If you want a blow-up doll with huge boobs, then this is the toy for you.  For just $15, this attractive inflatable sex doll will enable you to fulfill your tit wank fantasies on demand.  Start by pumping away inside her vagina, then start sliding your cock between her ample juicy breasts before shooting your load over her cute face!

Spread Eagle Starlet Love Doll

November 5th, 2014

spread-eagle-dollSpread Eagle Love Doll ($229)

Real life sex doll modelled authentically upon the pornstar curves and shape of Charmaine Star.  This amazing love doll has been designed to have sex with in the doggy style, sitting, missionary, and wrap-around positions.

Realistic Pure Skin pussy and ass.  You can add a vibrator that comes with the doll to the life-like pussy for extra stimulation.

Beautiful busty tits with erect nipples.

Pipedream Extreme Dollz Slutty Sisters 2 Life-Size Love Dolls

April 7th, 2014

slutty-sistersSisters Love Dolls ($140)

2 Life size sex dolls for the price of one!  Two realistic sisters who are complete sluts and are begging you to take them as hard and as often as you can!

These sexy skanks are ready to be fucked together.  With this slutty pair you have six holes and four breasts to handle at once!  You won’t know where to put your cock first, but it will be a delicious choice to have to make.  And once you own these girls, you can fuck them as many times as you want.

Two beautifully designed inflatable adult dolls that have CyberSkin pussys and assholes.

Fatty Patty Blow Up Sex Doll

January 20th, 2014

fatty-pattyFatty Patty Doll ($26)

Life-size (4ft9″) inflatable doll replicating a chubby dream girl that any man would want to cuddle, squeeze, and fuck!

Very easy and quick to both inflate and deflate – this is a blowup doll that wont give you headaches and get straight down to action with!

One of the most popular blow up sex dolls on the market today.

Anime Inflatable Adult Doll

September 23rd, 2013

anime-inflatable-dollAnime Inflatable Doll ($24)

Live out your cute Japanese anime fantasies with this amazing inflatable adult doll.  Look into those adorable big eyes of hers, the realistic pretty painted face, while you hold the narrow waist as you pound her sweet pussy like no Japanese man could ever hope to satisfy her!!

Lindsay Blowhan Sex Doll

June 24th, 2013

lindsay-blowhanLindsay Blowhan Doll ($23)

Take control of one of the most infamous and naughtiest Hollywood stars with thes Lindsay Blowhan blow-up adult doll.  She’s at liberty to suck your cock, while you are free to suck her famous pussy and pound her asshole.  She’ll steal your heart, and the only time anyone will be doing is sex fun time!

Wrap Around Lover Doll

March 18th, 2013

wrap-around-loverWrap Around Doll ($21)

Let this beautiful inflatable adult doll be your lover tonight and every night.  Positioned in the lover’s embrace position, this sweet doll will never cheat on you. Put your tongue in her sweet mouth as you embrace each other while letting her tight pussy straddle your cock.

Hug Doll Rio Hamasaki

September 19th, 2012

Hug Doll Rio Hamasaki ($76)

rio hamasaki porn star japan hug sex doll

Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality, especially when the blowup doll in question is Japanese!  This amazing adult love doll is based on famous Japanese porn star Rio Hamasaki, and includes a realistic Japanese onahole (masturbator) for you to enjoy.  3D breasts fixed on surface of air doll that has lifesize photo of Rio printed on it.

Russian Mail Order Bride Doll

July 31st, 2010

Russian Mail Order BrideRussian Mail Order Bride Doll – $23.78

A feminine Russian slut who will never say no to a Western man.  She is eager to please and will never leave you.  Just be nice and fuck her three holes anally, orally, and vaginally, and she will love you forever. 

Cheaper than most Russian mail order brides but just as much fun!

Jessica Adult Doll

August 13th, 2009

JESSICA DOLL – $ 20.99

From: Fascinations

A tight teenage adult sex doll that never says no and can be fucked all day and all night.